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Lead Generation Services for Lawyers

Online Legal Directories
While Lawyer directories are not being used as often as they once were for legal lead generation, Avvo remains a powerful tool. As the largest online legal marketplace, Avvo still generates a good number of leads for many of our clients, mainly because it offers legal advice, reviews, reputation, amongst other services in addition to a basic directory of attorneys. If you haven't claimed a profile, this is the very least you should do. Avvo also offers pro plans for your profile, and low-cost advertising that we've seen good results from. Avvo is particularly beneficial for small to medium size law firms.

Non-Legal Specific Reputation sites
In addition to your reputation on Avvo, there are other non-legal specific reputation sites like Yelp & Angie's List, where clients may have likely written several reviews about your firm already. While we can hope that all reviews of your firm are positive, negative reviews should always be responded to by someone representing the firm. Angie's List in particular, who used to charge a monthly fee to their users, continues to have very dedicated community, despite recently opening their services to all at no cost. It can be a lot of work to monitor all these sites, but it is crucial to do so. Both Yelp & Angie's list also offer ad space you can purchase, usually at lower rates that most common PPC campaigns.


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