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Pay-per-click ads can be your single most effective marketing campaign if executed correctly, but there's a learning curve. In almost all cases, it's actually more cost effective to hire experienced, certified, Adwords professionals to run your ads, than to performs these tasks in house. Pay-per-click ads are relatively simple in theory. You buy ad space, for example at the top of Google's search results, that is charged on a per-click basis. More complex, however, are the factors that determine how much you pay per user who clicks your ad. Inexperienced PPC advertisers have been known to pay up to four times the cost for the same ads before optimization. A strategic approach is particularly necessary in the legal industry where multiple practices are bidding for the same keywords, driving up the costs per click.

If you have questions about how Legal Web Experts can launch your first, PPC campaign, or if you'd like to consult with us on how we can lower your costs-per-click (CPC), contact us today.

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While Google Adwords is considered by many to be the gold standard of Pay-Per-Click advertising, PPC reaches well beyond Search Engine Marketing to include various social media sites, and other emerging ad platforms. With multiple ad platforms now vying for your business, offering increasingly competitive pricing, the fierce competition for legal ad space on Google is no longer a must-win battle. Legal Web Experts lays out a unique, proven, PPC strategy across multiple ad platforms, optimizing your ads through various algorithms, and eliminating high-cost, and ineffective ads. If you're not happy with your current PPC results, let our experienced team guarantee lower costs-per-click, and higher click-through-rates (CTR).