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Driving organic traffic with the power of WordPress and creative content

If you're not frequently updating your web site with quality content, you're missing a large piece of the marketing puzzle. Luckily, with CMS (content management software) like WordPress, this has become a rather simple, yet necessary step in boosting your organic traffic (see our blog on organic vs. paid traffic). Google and other search engines cannot be "tricked" into ranking your site higher, regardless of what anyone tells you. Where you rank on Google nowadays is largely based on what you contribute to your community. This is known as White Hat SEO, the usage of optimization strategies, techniques and tactics that focus on a human audience. In order to fulfill all the requirements for  effective White Hat SEO techniques, we must begin with quality content.

If you are a family lawyer, for example, use your blog to answer the same everyday questions your clients have; The same questions that are generating a lot of hits on Google. If you establish your web site as a credible legal resource for family issues, this contributes to your page ranking. We track legal related keyword activity for your web site, and create content based on their results (in the form of blogs, and copy), which is one of many steps we take to optimize your site for search engines (SEO). Every phrase on your site has the potential to positively effect your page ranking when employing these techniques.

Improved PPC Results. Guaranteed.

While Google Adwords is considered by many to be the gold standard of Pay-Per-Click advertising, PPC reaches well beyond Search Engine Marketing to include various social media sites, and other emerging ad platforms. With multiple ad platforms now vying for your business, offering increasingly competitive pricing, the fierce competition for legal ad space on Google is no longer a must-win battle. Legal Web Experts lays out a unique, proven, PPC strategy across multiple ad platforms, optimizing your ads through various algorithms, and eliminating high-cost, and ineffective ads. If you're not happy with your current PPC results, let our experienced team guarantee lower costs-per-click, and higher click-through-rates (CTR).